4 Point Inspections

A Four Point inspection is a summary report of the 4 main systems of the home; roofing, electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning.   Many insurance companies require this report on homes that are over 30 years old.  However, many companies have different requirements so best to check with your insurance agent on if your policy will require it.   In general, we are checking for the condition of the system, age and life expectancy.  The insurance companies want to be sure there have been some updates to those systems and that there aren’t any obvious defects.    The standard home inspection report is lengthy so it cannot be used in lieu of the 4pt form.  John can generate the 4pt inspection report from a standard home inspection but a 4pt inspection should not be confused with a standard full home inspection.

If you need a 4pt inspection report, there are an example red flags to be are of.


There are types of electrical panels the insurance companies do not like.  For instance we understand if you have a Federal Pacific or Challenger panel some insurance companies will ask to have it replaced.  We will take a photo of the panel with cover on and off and report on the type of panel.  The insurance company will make a determination on if any action is required to issue the policy.


We will be taking photos of the roof.  Also we report on any missing shingles, or sagging or signs of leaks.  If you have any issues with your roof, best to have them addressed before we come out.


we will be checking underneath all sinks, the washer & dryer connection and the hot water heater; a pressure relief valve must be in place on the hot water heater.

Air Conditioning:

We will be inspecting the condenser unit as well as the inside air handler for age, condition and function.

If repairs are required after we complete your 4pt inspection report a re-inspection fee does apply to revise report.
We also offer a Roof Condition Certification inspection .

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