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Home inspections usually involve the inspection of 10 different systems:  Roof, Exterior, Structure, Interior, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Ventilation/Insulation, and Appliances.  The following are inspected and reported on:

  Roofing Materials & Structural Support
  Attic Ventilation & Insulation
  Flashing, Fascia, Gutters
  Electric Panel
  Circuit Breakers
  Outlets & GFCI
  Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms
  Water Pressure, Flow & Drainage
  Water Heaters & Swimming Pool Pumps
  Shut-Off Valves & Accessible Pipes

  Sprinkler Systems & Outdoor Hoses
  HVAC Compressors
  Air Handler Coils & Filters
  Ductwork & Airflow
  Temperature Differential
  Appliances for Age & Condition
  Exterior Walls & Windows
  Grading & Foliage
  Garage Doors & Walkways
  Fireplaces & Interior Walls

If you are buying an older house, some insurance companies require a 4 point inspection before they will issue you an insurance policy.  With a 4 point inspection, 4 of the major systems are inspected:  Roof, Foundation, Electrical and Plumbing, since these are the systems that are usually of most concern and are the most expensive to repair.  In this way, the majority of the house's major systems are inspected and reported on, and the inspections cost a little less than a full inspection.  4 Point inspections are also available for home seller's who want to know what a buyer's home inspector might find. 


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