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Home inspections are a crucial step when buying a home, getting home owners insurance and securing a discount on your home owners insurance. AA Inspections has been providing home inspections in Palm Beach, Martin, and St Lucie counties since 2007.

AA Inspections includes a home warranty with every inspection we complete at no cost to you.

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The AA Inspections Difference

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John Staab

Licensed Contractor and Licensed Inspector

While many home inspectors took a course to become an inspector our lead inspector John Staab has been a licensed Florida General contractor since 2001 and licensed Florida Home inspector since 2011. He has built and remodeled numerous homes and commercial projects in Martin, Indian River and Broward counties.

John has been involved with large and small projects and has a higher level of knowledge and experience in order to provide you with the information you require when making a decision to purchase a new home.

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Local Expertise

We have inspected thousands of homes in Martin County, St Lucie County and Palm Beach County.

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One call for all your inspections

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Comprehensive Reports

Delivered the next day with detailed recommendations and photography

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Home Warranty

Avoid surprises with a home warranty included with all AA inspections.

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Home Inspections

Almost every time a house is sold an inspection is done and should be done. AA Inspections provides a comprehensive report that is easy to read and has both a summary of each section and details.

Our reports include detailed photos of each part of the house that needs attention and recommendations on what needs to be repaired or replaced. And the AA Inspections team is available to answer any questions you have about the house.

Our home inspections reports also include condition, age, function, remaining life and adequacy of the systems for your home.

We now provide drone inspections for tall buildings where getting on a roof is not possible. Drone inspections of a building or home also gives a better picture of adjacent buildings and surrounding natural borders.

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Wind Mitigation

The first thing you should know is that a Wind Mitigation Inspection can save you money on your home owners insurance in the form of wind mitigation credits.

Wind Mitigation inspections are done to determine how your home will stand up to strong winds that we experience in Florida Hurricanes. The areas that are inspected and reported on in the Uniform Mitigation Form (aka wind mit inspection) are: Roof age, roof sheathing nail specifications, roof tie downs, roof shape, secondary water barriers and Opening Protection (windows and doors).

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4 Point Inspections

Many insurance companies require a 4 point inspection on homes over 20 years old before they will issue a home owners insurance policy. Note that the requirement was changed to homes older than 20 years in 2022 - previously the requirement for a 4 point inspection was homes over 30 years.

A Four Point inspection is a summary report of the 4 main systems of the home; roofing, electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning. This inspection is a snapshot of the general condition of the home. This information is provided to your insurance carrier prior to obtaining a homeowners insurance policy.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does a home inspection take?

The time required to complete your home inspection will depend on the size of the house and its features. A straight forward 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with no complex features will take 2 to 3 hours and we inspect many of these houses. We also inspect many large homes on Sailfish point, Jupiter, Jupiter Island, Palm Beach and Stuart. These homes can have several HVAC units, more than one kitchen, and other features therefore a thorough inspection can take all day.

What is the purpose of a wind mitigation inspection?

The short answer - To Save You Money on your Home Owners Insurance. The Hurricane portion of your home owners insurance can be 60 to 70 percent of your premium. A Wind Mitigation Inspection can result in significant savings on your Hurricane Insurance Premium.

A wind mitigation inspection tells your home owners insurance company your homes wind resistance features such as the type of roof you have and how your roof is attached, do you have impact windows and doors or hurricane shutters. While insurance companies don't necessarily require a wind mitigation inspection it can save you a substantial amount in the form of Wind Mitigation Credits.

How are Home Inspections Done?

A trained inspector will inspect the inside and outside of the house and record the condition of feature such as the AC System, Plumbing, Electrical, Roof, Windows and Doors, Foundation, and Appliances. A comprehensive inspection will involve a visual inspection and the use of a variety of tools such as an electrical outlet tester, voltage tester or multimeter, infrared thermometer, and moisture meter. The Inspector will take detailed notes and photographs that will be included in a comprehensive report.

Can you tell if a roof has leaks?

To evaluate a roof for leaks a visual inspection is performed of the roof covering, attic, ceilings, and walls. Often roof leaks will cause staining that is easy to spot. If stains are visible then the AA Inspections team will use moisture meter to determine if the leak is active. Often the roof covering itself will suggest that a leak is present or that it might be a potential leak in the future. Our team will also inspect the roof coverings for damage, wear, improper installation, and overall condition.