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4 Point Inspection Details

As of 2022, a 4 point inspection is required by most insurance companies to secure a home owners insurance policy on a Florida home that is over 20 years old. The 4 point inspection provides information on the 4 main systems of a house; the electrical system, HVAC (heating and air conditioning), Plumbing (including water heater), and the roof.

Rules for Florida Home Owners Insurance are approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation- the OIR. In Feb of 2022, the Florida OIR approved requiring 4 Point inspections every 20 years (previously it was 30 years) with rule 206.

AA Inspections provides 4 point inspections from Fort Pierce through the Palm Beaches.

The 4 point inspection details are documented on a form used by insurance companies and we will send it to you and your agent via email.

4 Point Inspections Address the Following:

  • Electrical System - Age of Panel, Amperage, and Brand
  • Electrical System - presence of older wiring such as knob and tube and aluminum
  • Electrical System - Hazards such as fuses blowing, loose wiring and over fusing
  • Electrical System - double taps and improper breaker size, unsafe wiring
  • HVAC System - age and last update
  • HVAC System - presence of Central AC and heat
  • HVAC System - presence of a wood burning stove and installation details
  • HVAC System- presence of a central gas fireplace and installation details
  • HVAC System - is a space heater used a primary heat source
  • HVAC System - is the HVAC portable
  • Plumbing System - age of piping , type of pipes (copper, pvc/cpvc, galvanized, pex, etc)
  • Plumbing System - presence of any leaks active or prior
  • Plumbing System - presence of a temperature relief valve on Water Heater
  • Plumbing System - location of water heater
  • Plumbing System - condition of appliances
  • Plumbing System - condition of Showers, Tubs, Toilets, Sinks, etc
  • Roof (material, age, remaining useful life, last roof permit)
  • Roof - overall condition, visible signs of damage or deterioration
  • Roof - visible signs of leaks
  • Roof - any secondary roof
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Our team is available to review the 4 point inspection report with you and answer any questions you have.

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The 4 Point Inspection Process


Scheduling Your Inspection

The home owner will typically request a 4 point inspection as a result of their home owners insurance company requiring it. Contact our office by phone or our contact form and will be happy to schedule your inspection.

The Day of the Inspection

The homeowner or someone familiar with the home should be home for the inspection. Our inspectors will need to access to the inside of the home and the attic.

Reviewing Your Home Inspection Report

Your inspection report will be delivered via email typically on the form your insurance company provides. In addition to completing the required form we will include supporting photography.

The AA Inspections Difference

Our Lead Inspector John Staab is both a licensed General contractor and Home inspector. John has remodeled and built multiple residential and commercial projects.

John has also inspected thousands of properties in the tri county area. “My background in construction, real estate investing, along with my home inspection experience give me an edge that cannot be learned from an online inspection program.” In order to stay abreast of advancements in his field, continuing education, periodicals and training seminars are a constant requirement for him.